Born in Israel in 1970. coming from a Yemenite and Iraqi background. Mosh Ben Ari first discovered music through the traditional Jewish ethnical chants that were part of his everyday life. Mosh Ben Ari studied music in many countries like India, the Sahara and Sinai Deserts. Mosh Ben Ari plays various string instruments such as Guitars, Indian Sarod, Persian Tar, Turkish Jumbush, Moroccan Ginberi and Bass Guitar. In 1997, Mosh Ben Ari founded with some friends, the world music ensemble ‘SHEVA’ which has released 4 albums and continuously touring the world, playing dozens of shows in the most prestigious festivals & events. At 2001 mosh’s debut album ‘Ad Elai’ was released. His second album ‘Derech’ (a path) released in 2004, established Mosh as one of Israel’s foremost singer/songwriter. This album made ‘gold record’ immediately. 2006, Mosh’s third album ‘Massa Umattan’ (a Journey of giving) was released. this album made a great success too, followed by an intensive tour. Mosh Ben Ari’s music and performances are the celebration of groove & spirit; blending rock, soul, reggae, world music and above all, with his rich and unique voice that melts the hearts of so many all around the world.










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